What you need to know

When someone we love dies, the feelings of confusion, anxiety, uncertainty, and vulnerability can be overwhelming.

Your Funeral Friend Consultant will help you gain comfort, confidence and clarity with a Plan that will attend to the unique needs of your family.

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How we can help

Provide Comfort

Your Funeral Friend Consultant will provide the comfort of knowing you have made decisions that are best for your family. 

Build Confidence

Your Funeral Friend Consultant will build your confidence to understand the difference between good decisions that will help your family and those that will not.

Create Clarity

Your Funeral Friend Consultant will create clarity by educating you on the Acute Loss Period, help you assess what is most important and put you in complete control of your experience.



"This, for me, has been one of the most life changing moments in my life.  Thank you."


—  Kyle N., Austin, Texas