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Cost of Cremation in the Lansing Area

There are 15 different funeral homes in the Lansing, Michigan
who can service your cremation needs.*

The cost for a direct cremation without any services in Lansing, Michigan are between: 

$615.00 to $3,053.00.*

*The cost varies significantly and depends on the service provider you choose.


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For $95.00, our Funeral Friend Consultants will help you assess what is most important for your family and put you in complete control of your loss experience.

Knowing what to expect from the Funeral Home of your choice will help you make the right decisions and save you hundreds of dollars in the process.

What to consider when choosing a Cremation service provider:


Direct Cremation Providers Know Their Audience

  • Direct cremation service providers understand their customers prioritize the lowest price. 

  • As a result, many providers keep costs down by investing less money into on-demand customer services especially since they handle such large case volumes. 

  • Do not expect consistent or clear communication from these organizations as the priority is keeping the price down.


Wait Time?

  • The time your direct cremation provider picks up your loved one to the time you receive your cremated remains varies.

  • It is best to expect you won't be getting the remains back quickly as many of these organizations handle a large amount of cases on a weekly basis. 


Be Prepared to DIY

  • These organizations do not assist you with the multitude of tasks you will need to address at the time of your loss.

  • These tasks include memorialization, method of internment, and acquiring death certificates to name a few.

  • If you'd like a birds-eye view of all the tasks and decisions ahead download our task list by reloading the page.

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