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50 Ways to Care for Yourself While Caring for Others

50 Ways to Care for Yourself While Caring for Others


Grief is an emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical experience. When we support people who are grieving, it has an impact on us. As a result, we need to take care of ourselves too. Modeling these four components of grief, here are 50 ways that you can engage in healthy self-care practices that will nourish you emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually while caring for others. In addition to these options, identify others that bring you joy, relief, and rest.

1. Go for a hike

2. Go on a run

3. Go for a walk

4. Go to the gym

5. Go for a swim

6. Stretch

7. Do yoga

8. Eat a balanced meal

9. Go for a Massage

10. Jump in a sauna

11. Take a bath

12. Lay in the grass

13. Meditate

14. Read

15. Write

16. Journal

17. Savor a favorite food

18. Meet up with friends

19. Unplug from social media

20. Watch a good movie

21. Watch you favorite TV show

22. Call a friend

23. Visit a museum

24. Get lost in an adult coloring book

25. Do something outside your comfort zone

26. Watch sports

27. Do something crafty

28. Shoot hoops

29. Go for a bike ride

30. Pump some iron

31. Go fishing

32. Tackle your to-do list

33. Drink lots of water

34. Play

35. Go canoeing

36. Go kayaking

37. Do religious activities

38. Watch lots of kitten videos

39. Spend quality time with friend(s)

40. Spend quality time with family

41. Cuddle up with a pet

42. Binge on Netflix

43. Be intimate

44. Listen to your favorite tunes

45. Sing

46. Dance

47. Sit by a campfire

48. Drink your favorite cup, glass, pint of ____

49. Organize

50. Get some sleep

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