Loving A Grieving Friend – Even When It’s Hard

Loving A Grieving Friend – Even When It’s Hard

By Still Standing Contributor Jess McCormack

Should grievers be given the freedom to mourn endlessly? Is it ok to withdraw, to be antisocial, to be far from the friend, daughter, wife, mother you once were? Is that understandable, justifiable when grief has stolen so much of your heart? Or does there come a point when enough is enough, when it is time to move on?

When my baby died five years ago, I was irrevocably changed. I lost my faith, my beliefs. I lost myself.

Fear, guilt, and regret hit me like a tsunami, shattering what once stood firm and strong, and washing it all away.

In my new bereaved world, every breath ached with the pain of her loss.

It took all my energy to keep standing, to hold the tears at bay, for fear that if they started, they would never stop.

My mind constantly raced, flitting from analyzing every tiny